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Our quality process considers Sampling of development and Production Stage as extremely vital for successful Garment. We work extensively with Designers and customers to bring life to your design into a beautiful apparel.
We follow a stringent process to bring your product with 100% satisfaction without wasting your valuable time and money.

Regardless of small or big orders we implement the sample sign off at two different stages.

  • 1. Development Stage
  • 2. Production Stage.

Development Stage Samples:

In every stage of development , we send the samples to you and get approval to proceed to next stage of development. To make your life easier and meet your expectations the following samples were taken and standard approval process has been put in place.

Proto Sample - Proto sample is made to communicate the design of a style or a line or to present garment structure to the designer representing the customers.

FIT sample - Once the proto sample is approved, FIT sample is being made with the actual measurement. Modification of the pattern is done to get the desired fit of the garment. FIT is one of the most important factors we consider during sample development. We can also test Fit sample on a live model or on a Dress form for to verify garment fit and fall.

Salesman Sample - Salesman sample (SMS) are displayed for assessing customer's feedback and according to the customers response, buyers forecast demand of a particular style. Sales samples are made with actual fabric and trims and accessories. We expect the Buyer pays for salesman samples to us.

Size set Sample - We provide the size set is to check the fit of the garment in different sizes. In this stage, our factory develops samples in multiple sizes. size set sample sizes, like S, L, XXL.or provided by the buyer. Buyer check size set sample and give feedback to our factory if anything needs to be corrected

Pre-production Sample – A buyer wants pre-production sample (PP sample) to be made in the actual production line so that operators know what are they going to make. This sample is made with actual fabric, trims, and accessories and made by sewing line tailors. PP sample must be approved by the buyer prior to proceeding actual production.

Production stage Samples:

Top of Production Sample - Once bulk production is started, few garment pieces are taken out in the middle of the production. Production pieces are sent to buyer as the T.O.P sample.The purpose of the TOP sample is to cross-check whether the factory is following PP sample specification or not.

Shipment Sample - When style is being finished and packed for shipment, 2-3 finished and packed pieces with all packing details are kept for future reference in our department. Shipment sample is kept by factory merchants and buyer's merchant. The approved shipment is sent directly to warehouse and merchants at the buyer do not get garment out of the shipment


For every order, we apply a standard process to follow up from the sourcing of fabric, accessories supply to the manufacturing.

Quality Controls

Our outstanding service depend on stringent quality control process which we carry out at every stage from Processing Yarn to Packing apparel. We follow AQL method of sampling for every stage on development to Production and the results of the metrics will be shared with the Buyer.


We go beyond and above customer expectations by verifying all the documents are in place for Production , Export and Transportations. We have rich 36 years of experience in the textile export industry that will complement the buyers with no additional hassle to worry about documents needed for Export.